You can’t achieve your marketing objective if you haven’t planned a strategy for social media yet. Billions of people are active on social media, and the numbers are still increasing.


As per the recent findings, people spent 2.5 hours on an average on their favorite platforms daily. This fact brings an opportunity for digital marketers to capture the attention of their target audience and communicate with them. It is necessary to have a presence on each social media platform where your target audience spent time and follow the below strategies to be successful on social media.


Gone are the days when you tend to get thousands of reach, views and clicks organically. With ever-increasing competition between brands, It has become essential to do paid advertising to stand out from the digital clutter. Currently, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snap chat, LinkedIn and YouTube are favourite mediums of the advertisers to do paid marketing.


By its very nature, social media is fast, widespread and responsive medium. This characteristic makes it different from the conventional medium. If your brand has a profile in any of the social media, then you are expected to be active and responsive. If you do not respond to your fans and community in due time consider you are out of the game.

The platform is home to millennials and generation Z who want a prompt response and prefer a digital form of communication. Hence consider it the most crucial strategy.

Each social media platform is unique, and therefore content should be developed as per their characteristics. For instance, if you create short videos and want engagement the go for Facebook. If you create long-duration vides content and want views, then choose YouTube. Same goes for twitter if you are interested in micro-blogging.


As per the recent stats, the internet users on smartphone devise has surpassed the desktop user. Currently, 53% of the total internet users use the internet on their smartphone. This fact gives a clear indication to the brands to shift from desktop to the mobile-first strategy.

The strategy includes creating square and vertical content on social media for smartphone users.


Social Media Optimization (SMO ) also called the new SEO, had become an essential part of social media strategy. It is necessary to integrate all social media platform with the website and vice versa to increase content share ability and brand awareness.

The Final Advice 

Integrating the points mentioned above in your social media strategy will surely bring fruitful results. However, communication on social media is a serious affair. One wrong move can break your reputation. Hence backlash and crisis should be managed prudently. Finally, social media is under drastic change. Almost every day, digital advancement in the field is bringing new features in the medium, and one must cope up with the changing trends and update themselves with those features to remain an active digital player. 

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